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Dalí Haute Parfumerie - Discovery Coffret

Dalí Haute Parfumerie presents a stunning coffret with samples of the five fragrances in the collection, along with a presentation booklet. It is the ideal way to discover each of the fragrances at your own pace.
Calice De La Séduction Éternelle
Crowned with a sacred vase, homage to the “Tristan and Isolde” jewelry piece created in 1953 by Salvador Dalí in gold, platinum, diamonds and almandine garnet, the bottle becomes the vessel of a richly contrasting and beautiful golden amber fragrance.
Fluidité du Temps Imaginaire
A favorite of the Dalinian iconography, the watch enhances the bottle and melts with voluptuous nonchalance. Alberto Morillas makes an olfactory homage to the 1949 jewelry piece “The persistence of memory”, created in gold and diamonds, to illustrate the fluidity of imaginary time.
Melodie du Cygne de la Main
Touched by the elegance of the “Leaf veined hand” jewelry piece in yellow gold, emerald and ruby, dreamed up by Salvador Dalí in 1949, Alberto Morillas decided to infuse his olfactory emotion into a languid and enveloping fragrance that illustrates the metamorphosis of an individual under the emotion of a caress.
Regard Scintillant de Mille Beautés
Struck by the piercing strength of the Dalínian eye, Alberto Morillas decided to interpret it in this creation designed to tickle both the sight and spirit. “The eye of time” inspires this bottle with its scintillating gaze, dazzling with endless beauty.
Voyage Onirique Du Papillon De Vie
Delicately perched on the “Chalice of life” jewelry piece, created in 1965, the butterfly decorating the bottle is an invitation by the Master Perfumer to take off on an imaginary flight in the wake of a sweet, light and evanescent fragrance.

Contine 5 x 2.5 ml
PRET -200 lei

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