joi, 27 octombrie 2016

Rexaline Premium detoxifying night elixir

So fine that its fuses with skin, rich in highly hydrating and anti-oxidant actives, X-treme Fusionrepairs the skin from the stress of the day: it feeds, softens, regenerates and fights the settled wrinkles.
The Rexaline Complex : a duo of Hyaluronic Acid with a double moisturizing effect, acting at the surface and in depth   

The “DWK Complex” (Deep Wrinkle Killer): 
- Encapsulated lipopeptide : Encapsulated lipopeptide.
- Actifirm : lifts the skin and restores firmness
- White Mulberry extract : leaves a radiant complexion 

30 ml
PRET: 200 lei

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