marți, 25 octombrie 2016

Rexaline 5xPlus Hydra-Body Satin Hyper-Hydrating Firming Body Cream

First anti-aging bodycare, stemming from the Rexaline technology, that creamy milk with a light and silky  texture, delicately scented, is enriched with the Nutri-Firm Complex which helps to reconstitute the protective barrier of the skin.   

Instantly: optimal moisture is restored for a smoothing effect.   

In long term: skin damages caused by dryness are repaired, the epidermis is intensely nourished, dehydration lines are reduced and the "crocodile" skin effect disappears.   

Hydra-BodySatin penetrates immediately and leaves the skin soft and satined with a  pearly finish. It recovers density and tonicity.   

200 ml

PRET: 140 lei

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